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REST (Representational State Transfer) is not a Procedure, then what is it?

Applications in the digital or hyper connected era, are networked in nature. Network based applications should be architect-ed with Representational State Transfer (REST) principles. REST style network applications can scale like the world wide web. But, REST compliant networked applications are not procedure oriented.

A model REST compliant “Networked application” is

..  an Engine that moves from one state to next by examining and choosing from among the alternative state transitions in the current set of representations.   ..

The application state transitions are exposed as representations. The act of choosing a state transition is Interaction. On interacting, more  actions will unfold which are presented to the client for further interactions. Bottom line, to create a effective REST/HATEOAS compliant system, the software should specify which actions will unfold when a particular action is interacted with .

Our current tool-sets are all procedure oriented and is not the appropriate tool-set for the new hyper-connected digital era. The new hyper-connected era demands information systems that are open and available anytime anywhere.Interaction oriented programming, grounded in Pi calculus is the missingelement to deliver REST systems.